Questions & Answers

What if I do not like my teacher?

  If you are not happy with your teacher for any reason please send an email to and request to have a change of teacher. One will be assigned to you for your next lesson.

Can I change the time of my lesson?

  Yes. Go to your profile and select the new time you would like to request for your lesson. You will find this edit ability in the edit course section. The change will possibly change your teacher as well so we recommend you discuss this with your teacher prior to making the change. An email confirmation will be sent to you as soon as the change has been enacted.

What if I am in a class with other students and I don’t like them?

  If you find yourself in a lesson with other people that you are not happy with then you can request a private lesson or change to a different class. Note that you might have a new teacher with this lesson change. Please send an email to and we will respond with an option for your next lesson.

What if I decided I want to quit and want my money back?

  If you wish to quit your course any time after the first lesson we will be unable to refund you any of your course fee as stated in out terms and conditions.

What if I picked the wrong course and need to change?

  If you have picked a course that is not suitable for your level of English we suggest that you request a change of course by sending an email to and request a course change. We will do everything we can to place you in a different level course as soon as possible. Note that it is possible you will have a different teacher.

What if I want a family member to join me on my lessons?

  If you want other people in your immediate family to join you in your lesson please send an email to and request the family pack option for your lessons. We will be please to accommodate your needs for a family group course.

What if the connection for my online lessons keeps falling out?

  Please contact live support immediately to ask for assistance in fixing this problem. Live support can be found on every page of the website in the lower right hand corner.

Can I stop my course and start up at a later date?

  Yes. If for any reason you need to pause your lessons and start at a later date inform your teacher first. Then send an email to and request a restart date for your lessons. Please note that your teacher might not be the same.

Can I make up a lesson if I missed one?

  Yes. Please speak to your teacher about how they wish to handle your missed lesson. If you are not satisfied with the answer please contact and explain the situation and we will find a suitable replacement lesson for you.

What if I think the course is going to slow/fast for my learning style?

  We suggest that you discuss this with your teacher fist. If you are not satisfied please send an email to and explain your concerns and we will find a satisfactory result for you.

What happens if I am continually failing my quizzes?

  If you are finding that you are not learning at the level you are wanting and failing most of your quizzes we suggest that you take a lower level course or have your teacher slow down your course. Either way we will make sure that your lessons are teaching you at a level of success.

Can I schedule a payment plan for my course?

  Yes. Contact to schedule a payment plan that is acceptable to your financial needs.

Will I receive a certificate showing I have passed the course taken?

  Yes. You will receive a certification of completion for the courses you have taken with Honrada English Learning Center. The certificate will be available to be downloaded online and printed at your leisure.

Is it possible to take 2 or more courses at the same time?

  Yes. You can take as many courses at the same time you like as long as there are no conflicting scheduling issues. However we do not suggest that you take more than one course at a time when taking the Basic or Intermediate level courses.

Can I double up on my course and take the lessons every day?

  Yes. If you like you can take your course lessons every day offered.

Is it possible to finish the course faster/slower than recommended?

  The courses are scheduled for the time periods stated. However if you need to slow down your course and add additional lessons we will be able to arrange extra time for you at an additional fee. If you wish to speed up your course and finish earlier and the teacher agrees then you are welcome to do so and add additional lessons to the time period stated on your course curriculum. So this is a yes and no answer.

I find the homework to hard/easy for me what can I do to change that?

  We suggest you discuss this with your teacher. If you are not satisfied with the answer given to you then contact and explain your situation and we will discuss this with your teacher to resolve any issues you have.

What if the subject matter covered in a lesson is offensive to me, what can I do?


If for any reason you find a lesson offensive to you please contact immediately and we will fix the problem.