Guide Teacher

Step 2: Move your mouse to Honrada on top bar >> Choose Dashboard

Step 3: Move Your mouse to Page >> Choose " Add new" >> Type of Class title >> Choose " Edit with Elementor

Step 4: Click "plus button" >> Choose "layout" >> push " text editor" lay on the layout.

Step 5: Coppy code:

[buddymeet room=Johnson subject=ENGLISH password=ENGLISH width=100% height=300]

$( function() {
$( “#meet” ).dialog({
minWidth: 320,
position: “left top”
} );

<style type=”text/css”>.ui-dialog{padding:0;z-index:100000;position:fixed;}#meet{padding:0;}#meet iframe{height: 100%!important; min-height: 300px}</style>

Paste in editer text

Note: You should to be change "room= your ID"
And password= your password.

Step 6: Add other layout

Step 7: Push " Html code" into layout

Step 8: Insert code:

border: none;
color: white;


<button id=”dialogBtn” >WhiteBoard</button>
<div id=”dialog”>
<iframe width=”100%” height=”650px” src=””></iframe>
$(function () {
height: 600,
width: $(window).width() > 800 ? 800 : ‘auto’,
autoOpen: false,
title: ‘WhiteBoard’,
responsive: true

Note: You must change "" by your link Whiteboard.

Load Document: Add layout >> Push " Editor text" >> Patse code below:

[pdfjs-viewer url= viewer_width=600px viewer_height=650px fullscreen=true download=true print=true]

Note: You must change link "" by new link in libratory that you want to show to student.

Load video tube: Add layout >> Push " Editor text" >> Paste youtube link:

Step 9: Click " Update button" and click review to View your class room