Business Test

For the questions below, please choose the best option to complete the sentence or the conversation.

Question 1 of 25

1. In a meeting, your boss asks for ‘a show of hands’. What must you do?

2. To ‘take the minutes’ in a business meeting means:

3. Due to the economic crisis, lots of companies are declaring …………….

4. We are very interested in ………………………. with you.

5. What does ‘It’s out of the question’ mean here?
Employee: ‘Can I go home early today?’
Boss: ‘It’s out of the question.’.

6. Your boss says to you ‘My hands are tied.’ What does this mean?

7. To: All staff
From: HR Department
Please remember that your manager must agree to any holiday dates before you complete a form.

8. Your body ……. usually gives other people information about how you really feel.

9. Please leave a message on the answer machine if you need to contact us … of office hours.

10. You must … your application by the end of the week.

11. Would you like me to make an … for you?

12. Don’t make jokes on the phone as you may be ….

13. You should always speak to customers ….

14. There is a … danger that the new regulations will be misunderstood by many staff.

15. Unfortunately, it is … to keep the complete range in stock.

16. The chair suggested that we got….. to business as quickly as possible as there was a lot to get through.

17. The goods will be delivered by Wednesday at the ….

18. The consultants … the importance of managers involving staff in the issue of timekeeping.

19. I think we should exhibit our new products at a trade……….

20. All employees must show their identity……….

21. What does the woman do?

22. What is she asking for?

23. When did she start her job?

24. How is the boss’ reaction?

25. What is the conversation about?