Honrada is a new way of learning English online through courses that provide structured English learning in an interactive manner that makes it able for you to learn at your own pace in your own place at your own time. When you study English online, it’s easy to give more importance to grammar and vocabulary, but the key elements of a language are speaking and listening. By following the Honrada online English course we follow this principle as well as do some fun exercises to review the new language. Our Online English listening and speaking games make the experience of learning English fun and challenging at the same time. Most students love the way our course systems keep track of your progress and continues to encourage you so that full potential is reached.

Learning English online has never been easier than it is today. With the current technology available to both teacher and student we have designed a systems approach that has been proven to work for an English course. All online English lessons are being streamed live to you by way of your laptop, smart phone, tablet or traditional home computer so you can enjoy learning English in one of our many courses taught by a highly skilled English speaker at the location of your choice and at a time that is convenient to you.

Honrada online English courses are designed to be flexible and convenient for all of our students no matter what level of English you speak or what level of English communication you wish to achieve.

Take any of our high quality online English courses and improve your English speaking along with your grammar and pronunciation to ensure your English communication skills are fine tuned to be the same as a native English speaker. Learning English verbal phrases and English slang words will also improve your ability to communicate in English in any conversation you encounter and with the confidence to know you are being understood.

As a beginning student we have the tools to help you achieve your goals of speaking English in just a few short online English lessons at any level course. Not that you will be a fluent English speaker in that time but you will have the confidence to continue on and make speaking English a reality.

As an intermediate English student Honrada will be able to guide your course with our professionally trained native English speakers and excellent learning tools to reach new heights in speaking English that were once thought difficult and time consuming.

For the Advanced English student you have your choice of courses in pronunciation, gestures, new English vocabulary words, verbal phrases, business and interview just to name a few.


The Online English teachers we have working at Honrada are of the highest quality in teaching English with many years of experience. The skills and experience they bring to the online classroom course are unmatched because all our teachers go through a professionally taught training course on how teaching English through our system is best for you, our student.

Our Native English speaking teachers will be available to assist you at every level of your course and make sure that your progress is at a pace that makes the learning process custom fitted to your needs.

Honrada has an approach to learning English online that is not found anywhere else in an online course. Our English teacher’s ability to guide you through our simple to use online course includes such things as movies, white board use, books, games and music. By including all facets of learning English online we are able to find the right course that will make learning English enjoyable and easy.

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If sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher lecture you is not the way you like to learn then you need to sign up now for a new way to experience the fun and knowledge that has been put back into earning. That’s right fun. Not a misprint but actual teaching techniques that have been over looked for years. Not only that but our learning platform has included all of the best features available to aid in making learning English online an enjoyable experience.

Our Online English course will take you by the hand and guide you through real English conversations. We will slow down and explain every word and phrase. Just imagine… you’ll finally understand every English word you hear. You get courses based on your goals and needs not on some preconceived goal that is not your own. You can even have your course paced to make the time needed to learn fit your learning ability.

It does not matter if you learn best by listening, writing or reading because we include all of these learning techniques in all of our online English courses. Our English teachers will be there to make sure your pronunciation is improving to the level you desire while adding new English vocabulary words a little at a time.



  • Set your own hours
  • Work from home
  • Join a team of professionals
  • Use the most advanced online learning system
  • One click entry to online class
  • Have fun teaching again!

Our courses are available in a group with like-minded and same level student as you or on a one on one basis. This choice gives you the flexibility to study with friends, meet new people or just be a stand-alone student. Either way we will tailor your course to make sure you are able to communicate in English at the level you desire.

Downloadable study materials like grammar sheets, vocabulary words, listening practice and reading comprehension exercises are available and will be shown to you by your teacher during your English course.

The online English language connections we have available lets you meet real people from around the world. This ability lets you Participate Live and communicate in English to other students from around the world. Now how cool is that?